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About us


To bring natural and healthy life closer.

Seeking to develop our programme in the long term, we strive for successful operations, global competitiveness and satisfaction of our guests.   We are aware of the fact that, in addition to beautiful nature and a wide range of hotel products and services, our competitive advantage also lies in effective, qualified and creative people willing to face new challenges.


Executive Director: 
Barbara Soršak

Executive Director: 
Aleš Slapar

Head of Terme Zreče Hotels & Catering:
Matej Krošelj, E-mail: matej.kroselj@unitur.eu

Head of Rogla Hotels & Catering:
Robert Kejžar, E-mail: robert.kejzar@unitur.eu

Head of Rogla ski Slopes:
Bojan Pergar, E-pošta: bojan.pergar@unitur.eu

Head of sales:
Simona Kalan, E-pošta: simona.kalan@unitur.eu

Financial Coordinator: 
Ksenija Primc, E-mail: siksenija.primc@unitur.eu

Marketing and Public Relations: 
Tina Tinta Kovačič, E-mail: tina.tinta-kovacic@unitur.eu

Company Card

Company head office: Unitur d.o.o.
Address: Cesta na Roglo 15, SI-3214 Zreče
Tax number: SI28641825
Registry number: 8085498000
IBAN: SI56 0451 5000 3423 929
Address: Cesta na Roglo 15, SI-3214 Zreče
Fax: +386 (0)3 576 24 46
E-mail: unitur@unitur.eu
Member of the Unior Group