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Given that Unitur draws its inspiration for development from the natural environment and, in order to make improvements to it according to the wishes and needs of the modern tourist, interferes with it, the establishment of a Fund that will respect the natural and cultural values of Pohorje and devote its time and efforts to nature conservation and awareness-raising seems a logical consequence, since we are striving to develop so-called responsible tourism, which, by its very nature, focuses on the conservation of the natural heritage as its main focus.

The professional support of competent institutions such as the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, the involvement of the local community or the Municipality of Zreče and, of course, the responsibility of the tourism industry with Unitur as the largest provider of tourist services in the destination, are guaranteed to delight and inspire guests and visitors as well as locals.

Unitur also provides the funds for the Fund's operation from the sale of certain services that are most detrimental to nature. Each spring, the Fund receives funds from the sale of ski passes and cross-country skiing tickets, namely 1 cent from each daily ski pass and 10% from each cross-country skiing ticket. These and other funds flowing into the Foundation of Nature Pohorje are used to implement actions, projects and activities in the field of nature conservation.

Foundation of Nature Pohorje, established in 2009, has achieved results during its lifetime that encourage everyone to continue and build on their cooperation.

The signatories of the agreement, Unitur, the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation and the Municipality of Zreče, continue their cooperation in nature conservation, nature awareness and sustainable attitude to nature in the wider Pohorje area and are ready to advocate for sustainable and sustainable development of the Pohorje region.

Unitur commits to continue to lead the work of the special commission of the Foundation of Nature Pohorje, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation cooperates with its expertise in the field of nature conservation, advice and knowledge of legislation in the implementation of actions and projects arising from the Fund, while the Municipality of Zreče, through its spatial policy, supports the sustainable and sustainable development of the Pohorje region and financially and professionally supports the activities of the Fund.

Among the most prominent achievements are the definition of an integrated graphic image, the installation of information and signage boards, the arrangement of the information room in the Hotel Planja in Rogla, the organisation of the Summer Research Camp in Rogla, the photo competition "Nature of Pohorje through the Seasons", the production of calendars and postcards with award-winning photographs and much more.

One of the primary objectives of the Fund, education and awareness-raising among young people, is also pursued through most of its activities.

The founders of the Foundation of Nature Pohorje are working to ensure that other companies and institutions operating in the Pohorje area will join the agreement in the future, in order to ensure the protection of the natural values of this beautiful, often undiscovered, part of Slovenia.